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> Homeschooling is the best way to teach your children your beliefs and protect them from harmful teachings
> Homeschooled kids are very well educated and have become the most sought after by all major Colleges
> An estimated 2 million children were Homeschooled in 2006, saving taxpayers $10 billion dollars
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Great Homeschooling Books
So You're Thinking about Homeschooling

This book covers a day in the life of a different homeschooling family in each chapter. Each family homeschools for different reasons using different approaches and curriculums. You will learn about the many homeschooling methods available and that you don't have to have your curriculum picked out and your lesson plans all done before you are ready to homeschool! It's OK to try out several methods until you find out what works for each child.

Let the Authors Speak: A Guide to Worthy Books Based on Historical Setting

This book arranges both historical fiction and classics according to the era in which they are set, according to reading ability level, and according to author. It's a fast way to find something really good to supplement any history course - or to just find something good to read.

A Catholic Homeschool Treasury

This book is full of terrific suggestions for the everyday homeschooler in an easy-to-read format. It is almost like a reader - a collection of essays written by many different authors. The book covers lots of topics and has a great resource section. It also presents the wonderful reasons for homeschooling without bashing public or parochial schools.