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> Homeschooling is the best way to teach your children your beliefs and protect them from harmful teachings
> Homeschooled kids are very well educated and have become the most sought after by all major Colleges
> An estimated 2 million children were Homeschooled in 2006, saving taxpayers $10 billion dollars
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Great Homeschooling Books
The Home Education Movement in Context, Practice, and Theory

This book is a special double-issue of the Peabody Journal of Education (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee) on home schooling is a unique book. It covers: Socialization, Academic achievement, History of home schooling, Population growth of the educational alternative, Arguments for home schooling, Arguments against home schooling.

The Big Book of Home Learning: Junior High Through College

Excellent hard to find information about high-school and college. Mary shares her deepest throughts and shows her true ultra conservative, anti-feminist, right-wing colors throughout the book. An enormous collection of resources and advice from a homechooling veteran.

Home Schooling The Right Choice

This book will open your eyes - big time - to what is being taught in the public school system. It's absolutely a must-read for everyone with school aged children.