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> Homeschooling is the best way to teach your children your beliefs and protect them from harmful teachings
> Homeschooled kids are very well educated and have become the most sought after by all major Colleges
> An estimated 2 million children were Homeschooled in 2006, saving taxpayers $10 billion dollars
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Great Homeschooling Books
Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook

This book explains the different transcript types, and learning of various ways to earn college credit. It explains how to create your childs portfolio so they can attend the college of choice. The checklist at the end of the book is especially helpful in determining when my to take the PSAT and SAT and when to actually apply to college and for financial aid.

A Survivor's Guide to Home Schooling

Home schooling may be one of the most important and rapidly growing social movements of the day, but that doesn't get the laundry done for home teaching moms! Here, at last, is help millions of home schoolers have been waiting for. Written by two home teaching moms, this book answers the questions home schoolers are asking: How can I prevent burnout?, What do I do with my preschoolers while I teach?, What if my child isn't "getting it?"?, How can my husband help?

The Big Book of Home Learning: Preschool and Elementary

There are hundreds and hundreds of curriculums, unit studies, homeschool books, activities, & manipulatives. How could a newbie possibly buy and or research everything? There's no way. That is where The Big Book of Homeschooling comes in. It covers everything from reading to art appreciation to bible to math to keyboarding to physical education to engineering to the constitution!