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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

 Does HEY have a facebook page?
 What are the top 10 reasons to homeschool?
 What are the 5 most compelling reasons to be part of HEY?
 How do I get started homeschooling?
 What are the benefits of membership?
 What are the membership dues used for?
 What is the Policy for HEY Membership?
 Where do I send my HEY Membership Dues?
 When do I have to start testing my child and how do I test them?
 What are some field trip ideas?
 What is a Co-op and how do I get into a Co-op?
 What are some of the activities that area HomeSchoolers are involved with?
 How can I get involved with the HEY sports?
 What is the HEY Rally all about?
 I'm new to Homeschooling, what Curriculum should I purchase?
 What about Socialization?
 I'm not receiving the HEY emails, what now?
 Where do I sell used curriculum? Why doesn't HEY have online Classifieds?
 How do homeschoolers graduate?
 Do my home education purchases of educational textbooks and materials qualify for exemption from the sales tax?
 What can we deduct for taxes for home schooling for the year?
 How do I send out an Announcement to all the HEY members?
 What percent of students are homeschooled in the area?
 What is the Home Business Directory?
 Wondering how to market your business to our group?
 How do I stop receiving HEY emails?
 New to homeschooling and looking for encouragement?
 I'm Catholic, what does the extra fee cover?
 Why aren't membership dues pro-rated?
 When can homeschoolers begin college classes with the Post-Secondary Education Option (PSEO)?
 Why don’t we have a Message Board or Community Forms on the website?
 How do I print out my own Membership ID card?
 Does HEY offer any discounts for the HSLDA membership?