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Membership Benefits

This is a list of some of the benefits of being a HEY membership:

  • Email announcements of events in the community
  • Monthly informational meeting (Resource and Support Group)
  • Full access to 'Members' website section (post events, member directory, etc)
  • Membership card which is useful to get a teacher discount while purchasing school materials
  • Get to know and form co-ops with other homeschoolers
  • Participate in graduation ceremony
  • Get involved with Enrichment activities
  • HEY Fall Rally: to buy/sell curriculums, motivational speaker, energized for new year
  • Field Trip opportunities
  • Legislative Alerts
  • Spring Activities:  Baseball/T-ball, graduation, YMCA physical ed programs (Thurs afternoons)  
  • Winter Activities:  Basketball, Homeschool Theatre Play, speech/debate, downhill skiing, YMCA phy ed
  • HEY Theatre
  • Homeschool Band
  • Spring Picnic
  • Book It Program (for Kindergarten thru 6th grade)
  • Make It Plates group rates
  • Support one another and get connected
  • Access to testing options
  • Classes offered by veteran homeschoolers (writing, sewing, guitar, piano, etc)
  • Spelling Bee 
  • Career/college planning and prep classes (CLEP/PSEO)